Drooping Eyelid or Eye Bigger Than Other? (photo)

For the last 3 years or so, I've been dealing with what seems to be a drooping lower eyelid on my right eye. I'm not sure if it's Ptosis or if the eye has become bigger than the other one, but it seems to have gotten worse. Can someone fill me in on what it probably is and what my options are?

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Drooping Eyelid or Eye Bigger Than Other? (photo)

After reviewing all the posted photos I do not see a ptosis of the upper lid. But I see anatomic variations in your orbital area. This could be genetic and associated with weight loss or aging. 

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Droopy lower eyelid

You definitely have a droopy right lower eyelid which is making the right eye look bigger.  Some assymetry in the eyes is normal as the two sides of the face are never the same in any person.  If the right lower eyelid droopiness really bothers you, it can be surgically corrected with an eyelid suspension and Canthoplasty.

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Drooping eyelid

This is impossible to assess with photos. From what you posted, it looks like the right eye may be bulging or left eye sinking back in the socket. See an oculoplastic surgeon for a full evaluation. Try to bring old photos with you to the appointment, which are often helpful to determine which eye has changed.

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