Drooping Buttocks A Result Of Lipo On Thighs Or Aging?

I had liposuction on my thighs six years ago and now my buttocks is flattening and dropping . Could this be the result of the lipo or is it just age? If lipo caused this wouldn't it of happened right away . I should mentioned I had a bubble butt and am now 41 so maybe it's just the aging process.

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Buttock sagging

You buttock sagging may or may not be related to the liposuction. But, if it was not performed on the buttock itself , then it is most likley from the aging process.

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Six years after liposuction

You're right that if the buttocks were to droop because of liposuction it would have happened in the months after the procedure. It's six years later and now your body may be changing due to:

  • age 
  • changes in your exercise habits
  • weight loss
  • hormonal status

It's always a good idea to reassess our eating and exercise habits from time to time. As we age, our bodies wlll change, and the toned gluteal muscles we had in our younger days may need more exercise to keep them that way. Lunges and squats are great for those muscles and don't even require a gym. Walking on hilly terrain or on an incline on a treadmill are also great for the glutes. 

Kimberly Finder, MD
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