Drooping and Saggy Breast Without Breast Lift? (photo)

Good morning to surgeons, I'm 29 years old with 2 pregnancies and breastfed. My breasts are drooping and saggy. the length from neck base to nipple is 18cm,breast width is 13cm,skin thickness is 1cm. Even I stopped breastfeeding for 4 months but my breast still have a bit of milk. but I plan to have surgery as soon as possible Could you recommend me the implants that give me the best result with implants size, texture, incision approach , submuscular or subglandular or dual plane,

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Surgeons will have different opinions

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and your question allows each surgeon to give their take on it.  You really need to see a plastic surgeon and get his/her recommendations after being evaluated and your goals appreciated.  Second opinions never hurt but in general, 2/3's of doctors like to go under the muscle and 1/3 go above.  I have my own strong opinions since I could compare my results to my colleague who always went above the muscle... and from the grapevine in the community, I think I'm winning the competition.  Then there are implant styles and gel versus saline.  You really need to evaluate what is most important to you to help you decide on what you want. 

Breast lift and augmentation probably needed

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You have given us several of the important numbers and some photos to help with your question, but you are still going to need a physical exam and consultation in order to get the best advice. You have a thin skin envelope and very little native breast tissue, so I would first suggest silicone gel implants placed under the muscle or in a dual plane position. Both textured and smooth implants have their benefits, but my personal preference would be smooth round implants placed using an IMF incision (breast crease). The size of the implant is more difficult to determine with just a photo, but I would recommend being conservative and matching your body frame. My most commonly used implant size is about 300cc-325cc for a medium body frame. There is a good chance that you are still going to require a breast lift procedure for optimal results after your augmentation, especially if the distance from your areolae to the breast crease is greater than 8-9 cm. 

Drooping and Saggy Breast Without Breast Lift?

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Take the time to see a few boarded PSs in your city IN PERSON to discuss your case. Over the internet very hard to advise in great detail that is needed. 

Breast implants can camouflage modest breast ptosis.

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I think you can get a good result with breast implants only. I would suggest silicone gel implants placed above the muscle.

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