Can Droopiness of Nasal Tip Be Addressed by Correction of Nasolabial Fold or by Fat Injection?

As we age, as the nasolabial fold becomes depressed, the upper lip rises, therefore decreasing the angle between the upper lip and the tip of nose- the angle which you refer to as the nasolabial angle. Depending on the severity of the droopy nose, if its apparant, can the above question be answered?

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Droopiness of Nasal Tip

Treatment will depend on whether the tip is actually drooping or there is a decrease in the nasolabial angle. Both changes occur with aging secondary to the effects of gravity, the decrease in facial bone density, and the loss of facial fat and soft tissue volume. After careful evaluation you and your surgeon will decide if you should increase tip rotation, add fillers or fat to the nasolabial angle, or a combination of both.

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droopiness of nasal tip be addressed by correction of nasolabial fold or by fat injection

Without photos very hard to answer accurately. My guess is NO! but fat grafts might help. But again need photos to be sure.

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Droopy Nasal Tip


The short answer is no... You need to put some support into the tip like a cartilage graft to be effective.



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