Not Able to Drive at Night After Lasik?

Its five days to my lasik .Near objects seems to be ok but farer are blurred I m not able to drive properly at night as lights expands in my eye.My pre operative readings for right eye and left eye were -1.5 and -1.65 and after surgery these r like +.25 and +.5. And the surgeon said this is a just a minor shoot up has ocurred and it will be absolutely fine after two months. So what should i do? please suggest

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Temporary glasses may be beneficial at night after LASIK

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Waiting is very reasonable.  Temporary glasses may be beneficial, but likely unnecessary.

New York Ophthalmologist

Qualtiy of Night Driving After LASIK

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The typical LASIK patient will notice some glare and halo's around headlights at night for about two weeks postoperatively. The cause of this is the minor corneal swelling that occurs from the procedure. Remember, swelling like this always goes away, so the glare will get better. Many years ago(the 1990's) the lasers actually induced some glare in the cornea that was very minor, but this did not go away. I actually have this glare in my eyes, as I had treatment in 1994. Modern Excimer lasers do not induce this glare, so the symptoms you are experiencing should improve. Obviously, your surgeon should be able to address your concerns.

Anthony J. Kameen, MD
Baltimore Ophthalmologist

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