Does Drinking Hot Liquids Impact the Effectiveness of Invisalign?

My dentist said I could drink coffee with the invisaligns on - however I heard from other users that their dentists say the hot liquid 'melts' the retainers and makes them mold to the current shape of your teeth, so there is no pushing movement anymore? I drink a not-so-hot capuccino once a day when they are in - and I don't swish the liquid round my is my treatment really impacted?

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Water is the only accepted drink with Invisalign

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Two issues with wearing invisalign.  One is the possible distortion that you mention.  But also is the retention of the liquid.  Essentially, you will be bathing the teeth in acid.  The coffee will get inside and stay, so you will likely have a mouthfull of decay.

Take them out and sip.

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