Can a Drill Hole Canthoplasty Be Revised or Reversed?

I had a drill hole canthoplasty with spacers due to 2 previous eyelid surgeries and deformed lateral angles. This surgery was by far the most disfiguring. I have asymmetry, strange twisted, bunching of extra cheek skin, severe suture dents, scarring and eyebrow pstosis (which I didnt' have before). I'm 3 months post op now. The big eye still stings. The small eye is too tight and almost feels like scar tissue is tacking it down to the muscle or bone. Is there help out there?

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Can a Drill Hole Canthoplasty Be Revised or Reversed?

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It sounds like you have been through a lot.  The first thing I would tell you is to wait 6 months after your last surgery because often things settle down and get better. 

To answer your question regarding revision, yes things can be revised, but at what cost?  You need to sit down with your surgeon and go over the details of what is bothering you,  what can be done to help you, and with what risks.  Together you can come up with a plan of how to tackle your problem, if indeed there is a solution. 

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