Bbl 2nd Round 1st Sx 7/31/13 1400ccs/ck? (photo)

I am hoping for more projection & wider hips. I understand that the width of my hips is limited by bone structure. My first surgery had lipo of full back, waist, abdomen, & arms. There is still a lot of fat on my back & waist. I am working out and if that doesn't help I will be going for rnd 2. I am interested in breast implants. What areas can i use for fat grafting the 2nd time around? I already emailed my ps and he said I would have to wait a yr. I wanted suggestions others may have.

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Repeat Brazilian Butt Lift

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It is possible to have a second Brazilian Butt Lift if you lost significant fat or you still want to be bigger. The fat survival rate after a second BBL is usually much higher than the first time. You will need to be examined by your surgeon to determine what areas would be good donor sites this time around.

Second round of BBL

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Depending upon your donor sites it may be difficult to get enough fat to really plump up and round out your buttocks. But an exam in peson would be key.

Second Brazilian Buttlift and 1400 cc per buttock

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    I have done secondary buttlifts on patients who wanted more fat transferred.  If you have enough fat to transfer I can get you 1400 cc per buttock.  You may have to consider upper arms, medial thighs, and posterior thighs as well.  Find a board certified plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of Brazilian buttlifts each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD

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