Getting Drastic rhinoplasty?

I want to get drastic rhinoplasty done. I do not like my nose at all and to me it looks like it does not belong on my face. I would like to have a thinner, less projected nose with the hump being removed and in addition the bridge being slightly curved along with a straight tip. Are there any capable surgeons able to do this? I was thinking about going to Dr.Gunter in Austin, Texas. I would like it to resemble this as much as it possibly can.

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Drastic Rhinoplasty

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Yikes, this is an unaesthetic looking nose as there comes IMHO.  Overdone is never a good idea when it comes to plastic and cosmetic surgery.

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"Drastic" Rhinoplasty

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Your goals are reasonable but I would not use Michael Jackson as an example. There are many experienced rhinoplasty surgeons who can perform your surgery so you achieve a natural result.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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What rhinoplasty change you can have depends on where you start and the conditions of your tissues

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Significant changes are possible in many noses, providing that they are warranted.  Much depends on what is wrong, what you want, and what is possible with your skin, cartilages, and bones.  Not every nose can be changed into every nose.

It is important to see an experienced surgeon who can guide you.  I see many patients who thought that they wanted a particular shape and directed their surgeons accordingly--now they are very unhappy and want to go back.  You do not want to be one of them.

Mark B. Constantian, MD, FACS
Nashua Plastic Surgeon

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