Is It Too Drastic to Replace Veneers with Implants?

I made a mistake of getting 2 porcelain veneers for my central incisors solely for cosmetic reasons. The dentist I chose excessively prepped my teeth as confirmed by another dentist (I took a picture of them after the prep). The problem is that since so much tooth was removed, I'll most likely need crowns, which have a limited life span like veneers. So wouldn't it be best to avoid this constant replacement and pain altogether and get Implants. I hear that they last indefinitely. I'm 19 btw.

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YES..Removing teeth for this reason is crazy!!

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Go to a good dentist and have 2 perfect veneers done and you will be happy for a long time..You cant go back now that your teeth are prepped.

Los Angeles Dentist

Drastic to Replace

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An implant would only be appropriate if the bone support to the tooth is lost on the remaining portion of the tooth and the veneer is lost. We try and save the natural tooth as long as possible before we place implants.

Jerry Mulder, Jr., DDS
Grand Rapids Dentist

Implants to replace veneers

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Sorry to hear about your experience.  In my opinion based on what you have written I would hang on to your teeth as long as possible.  You have plenty of time to decide what to do and veneers and crowns have lots of longevity to them.  Be patient and wait for a problem to occur before worrying about taking those teeth out.

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Long term treatment by implants

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Keep your teeth as long as possible.

Nothing lasts indefinitely . I am not clear why you want to change your veneers. reduction of veneers is entirely operator dependent. There is no set rule as to how much to reduce as every one's bite is different. As well as other factors like cracks and decay and old fillings, etc... The new dentist did not see touch , cut on your teeth so cannot pass a judgment.

Now if veneers will last 5-15 years , and crowns last 5-15 years, then do the implant 10-30 years from now, NOT now.

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

Keep your teeth

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I am sorry that you feel your teeth may have been excessively prepped.  I would try to keep the natural teeth as long as possible even if this involves root canals and cast posts.  It is far easier to get good esthetics with two adjacent natural teeth than to remove them and have two contiguous implants.  The papilla (gum in between the teeth) doesn't like to come up and can lead to a dark open space in between the teeth or two big teeth that look unnatural if they are trying to close the space.  Good luck.

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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Nothing lasts forever

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"Constant replacement" is relative.  It is likely that the veneers, while overprepped perhaps (and THAT is a matter of opinion), will last 10-20 years.  THEN consider crowns, which may last another 10-20 years.


Considering implants may not take place until you are 60 at this rate.  Why do it now at 20?


I would leave well enough alone right now.  If they LOOK good, then leave it.

Do NOT get extractions

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Do not make any extractions while those teeth do not need to be removed. Now, let me ask, forget for a second about the preparation, do you like those veneers you have now? why you want to change them? and even if you want some crowns, then some preparation will be necessary as well.

It Is Too Drastic to Replace Veneers With Implants

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First of all, nothing in dentistry last forever! Remember, in order to get implants, you would have to extract both of your front teeth (VERY DRASTIC!!) Then, you would need crowns over the implants! If your teeth are healthy, then you are much better off placing crowns, or Veneers on your own teeth, rather than on implants.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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