Will I Be Able to Get Dramatic Buttocks Enhancement?

My body now: I recently lost 20lbs and I'm currently 175lbs and my measurements are 38-31-40. Shame to say I have wide hips but a flat BUTT. My dream body: If possible I would like to obtain a dramatic change in figure to either a pear or hourglass shape with a round and prominent butt. I would like my measurements to be 36-27-43 Questions: Is my dream realistic? Since the procedure involves fat transfer should not lose anymore weight until my first consultation? Thank you.

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Video: Brazilian Butt lift results: judge for yourself.

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Your result would be difficult to estimate because this requires an asssement of not only your fat but also your existing contours as well as skin, muscle and skeletal anatomy. Take a look at the results shown in the video on the attached link. Depending on these factors, the result can vary tremendously. You may require a tummy tuck as well. If your rib cage is wide, it may be nearly impossible to achieve an hourglass result.An hourglass figure generally requires large breasts but you are requesting a decrease from 38 to 36. I'm not sure how you can get that with a Brazilian Butt lift alone.

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Body sculpting

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One can do body sculpting, where liposuction is done to the back, love handles, flanks and abdomen, or in some cases a tummy tuck, use all that fat and transfer to the buttocks.

That should enhance your body, whether you will get the exact measurements who knows. It depend on your boney frame also as well as the muscle mass.

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