Drains After Bbl. What is Your Opinion?

I have had several consults for bbl. 2 docs use drains postop, 2 do not. Both had good results. What are the real advantages? What are the risks if you go the no drain option? Thanks, johnna

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Drains After Brazilian Butt Lift

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Hello. The Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure that sometimes requires drains due to the degree of liposuction. If liposuction is done on the surface tissue we use drains. If the liposuction is in the deeper subcutaneous tissue drains are not necessary. If drains are used they are removed shortly after. Ultimately, the surgeon must do what he thinks is best. Do not let this small detail sway your decision, but rather choose the doctor that you trust who has the most experience and the best results.

Jaime Perez, MD
Brazilian Butt Lift Specialist
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Should drains be used after a BBL?

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There are individul variations to almost every kind of surgery. The use of drains, in my opinion, is not necessary and I don't use it  on my patients. But you should choose your plastic surgeon for the BBL based upon his/her expererience with the procedure and based upon your comfort level with the surgeon. Once you have selected your surgeon, you should follow his/her instructions and not try to second guess. Good luck!

Picking a doctor for Brazilian Butt Lift

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You should pick your doctor based on their results and how happy their patients are - not on where they use drains or not.  If they do use drains, they are very temporary and really no big deal.  I personally do not use drains on BBL.


Good luck.

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