Draining Saline to Achieve "Teardrop Shape" Breasts?

I desire large implants w a teardrop look. I'm a B aiming for at least a DD. I have rib cage of 26.5"a chestof 30" around 5'1'' 105lbs. Asurgeon I contactedsuggested I get 900cc saline then drain 200cc after 6 mo in order to achieve that look. I have never heard of this. I know the size I'm asking for is Huge but he did say that"There is a limit as to how much the skin & muscle will stretch at first surgery. I won't know until I do it if 700 cc will be a safe amount for you." Is this advisable?

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Can a saline implant be drained to make a teardrop shape?

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 This is something that we do in breast reconstruction to create a more natural looking breast. The expander is over inflated and it is exchange to a smaller implant. You can not just drain an implant, because they are made to contain a set amount of saline with about a 30 to 50 cc range. As far as you are concerned the final size of 700 cc is too big for your frame and your chest. Even if your skin could stretch that much, a 700 cc implant will have a base diameter of 16 cm which is 6.5 inches. Even if the implants touch across the midline in the front which they should not. The  2 implants side by side will occupy half of your chest circumference. That means they will be under your arms. Try to get another opinion from a reputable board certified plastic surgeon. 

Breast implant size question

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A 700 cc saline implant is not a good choice for your frame size. In my opinion such a large implant will overload your tisssue and not be a stable result.  Please see a board certified plastic surgeon and obtain several consultations. Good luck.

Gregory T. Lynam, MD
Richmond Plastic Surgeon
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