Still Draining Fluid Months After Smart Lipo?

I had Smart Lipo in Sept 2008. Now, my right side is hard as a rock and fluids keep coming. I've hade it drained twice and dark black blood came out.  Thet drain stayed in for 48 hrs. Is this normal?

Can you give me some advice on what to do?

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Prolonged drainage after SmartLipo atypical

It is very common for physicians to leave the liposuction access sites open following SmartLipo.  This is done to allow exces fluid to drain for one or two days following surgery and, therefore, reduce bruising and swelling.  It is not typical to place a drain in the incision, and it would be unusual for drainage to persist more than 48 hours following surgery.  What you describe, dark black blood, would be consistent with a post-operative hematoma (collection of blood under the skin) .  This type of complication is not common with SmartLipo when performed by a qualified surgeon.  Incision and drainage of the old blood would be appropriate treatment if it did not resolve on  its own.  As with any surgical complication one should  follow up with the treating physician, however, if you are not confident in the treatment recommendation, I would seek out a second opinion from a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in body contouring.  

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This is absolutely NOT normal

You are having a significant complication from the laser assisted Smart lipo.  It is important that you go to a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon (most likely your doctor was not one) and be evaluated to determine what is going on here.  Good luck!

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