I Had a No Drain Tummy Tuck 4 Months Ago. Is This Normal Healing? (photo)

Please look at my photos and let me know if this is the normal healing process. One photo is me standing and the other is me bending over. This looks horrible! I have seen people and photos on line and have not seen this. I know it takes 6 to 12 months for healing but I do not feel this is going to be flat and smooth. Please share your opinions.

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No, Your Abdominoplasty Does Not Look Normal For 4 Months

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Dear Pam, I am sorry you are going through this.  I took advantage of looking back at an earlier post you made at 2 months, and things are definitely looking worse.  It almost looks like your plastic surgeon failed to bend the table 30 degrees, pull everything down, and then bring your umbilicus (belly button) out through a new opening.  It looks like the upper half of your abdomen was possibly liposuctioned, but wasn't pulled downward.  There were some excellent papers by a group down in San Paolo, Brazil, with reference to skin resection on the lower abdomen and liposuction of the upper abdomen.  This may have been an attempt to replicate those articles.  At any rate, I notice from your first post and this post two well known, excellent plastic surgeons from Minnesota have offered to see you at no cost.  I would certainly avail myself of their offers. 

I can't see the bottom of your abdominal incision, but it looks like if you need a revision, you might do well with a reverse abdominoplasty.  All this being said, you need a face to face examination by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  Once again, I am sorry you are going through this, but it is curable.

Unhappy with tummy tuck results 4 months postoperatively

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Though the photos are somewhat helpful, they are not enough to be able to completely answer your question. A full physical examination would be needed in order to be able to make a definitive and accurate statement. Given your concerns, it would be wise to seek 2 or more second opinions from reputable plastic surgeons in your area.

Have you discussed your concerns with your plastic surgeon?

Is This Normal?

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  Dear PamF47,

    Although the photos are helpful, they do not replaced a thorough exam in person. Your upright results look pretty good. You should expect some wrinkling of skin when bending over( the skin has to go somewhere) but it appears that you have more than I would usually expect. Have you discussed this with your surgeon? If not, please do. If you are dissatisfied with the explanation, then seek a second opinion. I would be happy to offer you my thoughts if you choose to go that route.

I Had a No Drain Tummy Tuck 4 Months Ago. Is This Normal Healing?

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Thanks for the posted excellent photos showing your concerns. You have a great result, the issue is the flexing causes wrinkling of your skin which is normal. this needed to be understood in your pre operative discussions. The concept is take a string from your upper abdomen to your pubis in the standing position. Than bend over you will see the string bunch up due to the decrease in distance, SIMPLE GEOMETRY. 

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