If a Dr. Has No Website or Not Much Info Online Should It Mean Anything ?

Hi. I am currently deciding on Rhinoplasty and mentoplasty. There is a doctor that I'm interested in, Robert C Ciardullo MD of New York. One of his patients posted their before and after pics and I liked what I saw,also his cost is reasonable. The only thing is this doctor doesn't have a website and I cant find any info on him online. Just one doctor review website where it appears he has received good reviews based on specific criteria ratings, but there's no specific postings of patients experiences with him. Should I be turned off by all this?

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Importance of Website in Surgeon Selection

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Although most surgeons do have a website, there are many criteria for selecting your surgeon.  You want to see multiple results, especially in noses similar to yours. You also should be able to find information online when you Google this surgeon's name. He may be very good, but you raise legitimate questions.

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Should the doctor have a website?

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While I don't know him personally, the doctor you mention has been in practice about 30 years. It's often the case that these older surgeons have not embraced the technology of the web, but it means little more than that. He should still be able to review his portfolio of surgery with you in the office, however. If he can't or won't, that'd be a red flag. If a younger surgeon lacked a website, though, I might be a bit curious as to why.

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Not All Great Plastic Surgeons Have Their Own Websites

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There are two reasons plastic surgeons have a website. One is to express their opinions about plastic surgery in general as a means of public education, and the other is having what is becoming an increasingly requisite component of a viable clinical practice. Just like you, many patients find doctors, get a sense of their aesthetics, learn about a potential doctor's credentials and training, from the internet.

But I can name at least a few fabulous doctors in my community who have no website at all. Their practice is as busy as they want it to be through word-of-mouth referrals, and they are not interested in putting in the countless hours and expense necessary to create a reasonable website.

You need to be sure that this doctor is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. If this doctor fulfills those simple objective criteria, and you have friends who have had a good experience with him, and you felt comfortable at his office and with him, then you are good to go!

Go the ABPS and ASAPS websites and check him out...the rest is up to you.

Choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon

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These days the vast majority of plastic surgeons have their own websites, with the exception of those that are close to retirement. Simply having a website does not mean the surgeon is better qualified to do your surgery, and there are great surgeons who do not have websites. Unfortunately there are misleading claims on some websites as well, so you have to be careful and do your research. (For example, it may say the doctor is "board certified", but it doesn't say by which board ,or if the doctor is even trained in surgery.)

Rhinoplasty is one surgery in particular where I would recommend seeking out a board certified plastic surgeon (certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery) or board certified ENT surgeon (certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology) with experience performing rhinoplasty. I would also recommend looking at more than one set of before and after photos. A surgeon cannot be judged by one patient's outcome. Some patients do not want their photos published online, but allow permission to show their photos in the surgeon's office.

It is probably a good idea to seek out more than one consultation, and go with the surgeon you feel most comfortable with, and whose results you find attractive. You want to make sure your rhinoplasty surgeon understands what you find attractive, and vice versa.

Good luck!

Criteria for choosing your Rhinoplasty and Mentoplasty Surgeon.

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This question comes up frequently, and I think it's important to be picky when you choose a surgeon to perform Rhinoplasty and Mentoplasty.

You should consult several board-certified, experienced Rhinoplasty surgeons with many favorable photos and recommendations. Any busy Rhinoplasty specialist will have a gallery of photos for his / her prospective patients to view. I wouldn't rely on only one photo. He / she should have lots of testimonials as well. You should easily have an opportunity to speak with actual patients.

If you're satisfied with your surgeon's: credentials, experience, photos, testimonials, and manner, that's the best you can do to ensure a favorable result.

I hope this is helpful for you.

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Choosing a surgeon is difficult

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Choosing a surgeon is a difficult proposition and there is no good method. As you can tell from the various suggestions in other posts, there are many things to look for but ultimately there is a leap of faith involved. as Dr. Placik points out, one good or bad review does not represent a surgeon - neither does 10 or 20 since most surgeons will see hundreds if not thousands of patients per year.

To answer your specific quesion about having no web site - I wouldn't be too put off by not having a web site. I would suggest simply calling the physician's office and ask what questions you may have. Consider asking about the physician's board certification, training, and experience.

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Online Presence as a Criteria in Choosing a Surgeon

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I agree with my colleague Dr. Placik. Many of the older surgeons reluctantly use the Internet for personal needs much less understand the educational value of a practice website. However, the fact that you cannot " find any info on him on-line" is somewhat concerning. These days there are many websites (such as Healthgrades and others) which list doctors and their education. If you absolutely want this surgeon you must do your home work - on the other hand you can go to www.PlasticSurgery.org and get a list of board certified Plastic surgeons in your area which you CAN evaluate easier.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Little web presence

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Not all surgeons have an extensive web presence. It should not be considered a negative. If the surgeon has the requisite experience and expertise and a good understanding of your needs, then he/she may be an appropriate candidate. Do not get too influenced with either negative or positive online reviews as either can be manipulated.  

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If that particular plastic and cosmetic surgeon doesn't have a website it could mean:

  • he is relatively new and just finished training and hasn't had time to create his webiste
  • not that interested in using a website as a vehicle to showcase his practice
  • doesn't have enough experience to speak about the particular cases, like Rhinoplasty and may have just finished training
  • some other reason, doesn't believe in websites etc.

Might be something you want to ask the plastic and cosmetic surgeon or his office staff if this is a concern of yours.

No website unusual but not necessarily bad

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Most rhinoplasty surgeons have websites to show their work.  The old fashion way was to have a before and after photo album.  If your surgeon has neither then you may want to look elsewhere.

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