Should I Trust a Doctor That Has a Bad Review to Revise my Breast Implants?

Dr. that did my surgery has a horrible review from one customer. My implants are ruptured now and I dont know whether I should go back to him or trust the one bad review I found about him?

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Bad reviews of a doctor - how to evaluated them?

The internet has good and bad points.  One of the bad ones is that a negative review can be posted forever by a single unhappy person for all the world to see.  

In your case, the answer is easy - if YOU had a positive experience with the doctor who did your surgery, that should lead you to trust them more than the unhappy reviewer you don't even know.

The opposite is more difficult - what to do with a negative review when you don't know the doctor or have personal experience with him/her?  I wouldn't let a single or even a few negative reviews overwhelm me if there are many positive ones about that doctor and if you have met them and feel very comfortable with them as a doctor, as a person, and as your potential surgeon.  Just use your best judgement here.  Maybe ask your gynecologist for their opinion.

The bottom line is that I know some fantastic surgeons who have negative reviews on line and I know a few terrible surgeons who have all positive reviews.  It's tough to figure out how this can happen but there is no internet referee unfortunately.

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Should I Trust a Doctor That Has a Bad Review to Revise my Breast Implants

Should I Trust a Doctor That Has a Bad Review to Revise my Breast Implants: one bad review is not cause for concern especially if they are very busy and perform hundreds of cases. You really need to know the details of the case which are not available to you.  However, iif it confirms your suspicions, that may be a different story.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Online reviews

How do you know what an online review really  means.  Often a negative review is from a very disgruntled patient.  Remember there may be hundreds of satisfied patients that do not post anything.  Ask around.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Interpreting online reviews of surgeons

Hi there-

I agree with Dr. Rand wholeheartedly... Unfortunately, there is no way to verify or validate comments made (anonymously in most cases) online....

Without this validation, ALL comments and testimonials should be at least a bit suspect to you... Remember the saying, "Consider the source (of information)"....

If you heard negative things about a surgeon from your family and friends (people you know, trust, and have confidence in), you can probably be confident in the information.

When information is coming from someone you don't know, via the internet, anonymously, you should take it with a grain of salt... whether positive or negative.

I think the bottom line is that your impression of and trust in a surgeon should be based on many factors, with testimonials being just one of these. You should consider his education, training, experience, outcomes, reputation, and yes, what others say about him. But remember that the information is only as valuable to you as the amount of trust you have in the person providing it.... 

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