Can a Dr Not Know How to Properly Inject Hylauronidase?

It's been 5 months now since juv injections and I still have these juvederm jowls . My dr had injected them last week w hylauronidase . I think he does not know how to inject hylauronidase right or is not using enough . How far apart do I have to go btw hylauronidase injections . I have never had jowls before until he put in the juvederm . It's aged my looks . I'm so depressed every day I wait for it to go away . 5 months now and its still hanging around ! Any advice ?

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Injecting hyaluronidase is an art - just like fillers!

Any type of injections - adding fillers, or taking them out - is an art. So yes, some injectors won't be good or comfortable at using hyaluronidase. Depending on how much Juvederm was used though, and how deep it was injected, sometimes a few rounds of hyaluronidase are necessary. Hyaluronidase usually begins working immediately and you can see change within at least one day. I've re-injected people with hyaluronidase again after about 3-5 days, if further correction was needed.

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