Dr. Prescribed Me Roaccutane Course (20 Mg/day for 6months). Is It Ok to See Different Dr in This Period? (photo)

Is the Dose Enough? i'm 25 years old girl,i have a not very severe skin acne, i went to a dermatologist and i used Minocycline antibiotic and AcneMycin Plus for 6 weeks, it wasn't efficient enoughI the pimples hurt and etches me when they come out. i have the white/ black heads.its been 6 months that i have these pimples. I'm not sure about the dr. prescribtion because my weight is 51 kg. Another problem is that i will be traveling for the next 3 months for 2 different countires,i won't be able to contact 1 doctor

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Can I see different doctors while on Accutane?

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Accutane is part of the iPledge program where you have to be tied to one prescribing physician only at a time. If you move or something, you can be re-registered through the program and transferred to a different physician's care. But you cannot bounce back and forth between prescribing physicians. Because you need to be seen monthly for Accutane, it is necessary that you start a regimen only when you can see the same physician monthly and consistently.

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