Dr Please Iam in Hcg Diet I Lost 70lbs and I Also Taking Accutane I Notice This Horrible Wrinkle?

Dr iam a40 year old i am taking accutane for acne 2times a day 80 miligrams and i noticed this terrible wrinkles in my face iam also finish my hgc diet and lost 70lbs and i also put the depaprovera shot my dr said its temporary only the wrimkles but iam not to sure please help me i didn't have wrinkles before the acuttaneare this are going to go away soon?

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Wrinkles and lax skin are from weight loss - not Accutane

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The wrinkles and lax skin you are experiencing are from weight loss, not Accutane. 70lbs is a significant amount of weight to lose, so congratulations! But to compensate for weight gain, skin stretches out. This means when the weight is lost, sometimes the skin is still stretched out and can looked wrinkled and lax. Sometimes this alters back over time, and sometimes it simply doesn't and surgery is necessary. I would also advise you to wear sunscreen daily, drink lots of water, and apply good moisturizers to your skin. It's pretty amazing what simply water and moisture replenishment does for the skin!

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