Why Would a Dr Not Do Muscle Tightening in a Woman Who Has Had 3 Kids? (photo)

I had a full TT done mar 2011. After I healed my stomach was still large. I moved from the state where my tt was done. I kept calling my dr explaining to him that my stomach was not flat, he seemed concerned. I came back and he thought I looked amazing! I told him crying that i was unhappy and Im embaressed to even show ppl I had a tt done. He offered to fix it with lipo for a fee of 3600!and admitted he didnt do muscle repair.Can i do a muscle repair only now? will it help?Scared to go back!!!

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The 3 key elements of Abdominoplasty are.....

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The 3 key elements of abdominoplasty are liposuction, skin removal, and muscle tightening. Muscle tightening is as important an element to get the final result to acheive a flat abdomen and a highly enhanced waistline. We recommend muscle plication in almost all patients to get the best outcome. I'm unsure why your doctor was unwilling to do this and without speaking to him I cannot give an answer but it is a routine component to a successful abdominoplasty.

Dr. Joseph Hunstad.

Tummy tuck without muscle repair

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We don't really know what was done here or not but you would have needed a muscle repair in my practice.  At this point, liposuction will not fix your problem because the muscles are the issue not fat.  Get your op notes and show them to a second opinion doctor.

Why Would a Dr Not Do Muscle Tightening in a Woman Who Has Had 3 Kids?

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Thanks for the posted photo album it helps. The issue is your word vs the surgeon's. I bet if I asked him/her if a muscle repair "was attempted" the answer would be YES!. I agree you need muscle repair, so another full TT is needed with out skin excision, sorry. Seek other opinions in person. Follow up would be nice. Regards 

No muscle repair

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Thanks for your question.  A muscle repair would have improved your contour.  I do not know the conversation you had before surgery with your surgeon to know why no muscle repair was done. 

Liposuction is not a treatment for loose abdominal musculature

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WIthout an examination, it is impossible to tell whether your abdominal bulging is muscular or if you need liposuction.  If the muscles are weak, then liposuction is not the answer.  I suggest that you see another plastic surgeon, since you have concerns and determine whether there is muscular weakness.  Having three children does not automatically imply that you would have a diastasis or hernia.  Muscle repair can be performed as a stand-alone procedure.

Abdominal muscle tightening after 3 pregnancies

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It seems that muscle tightening might have improved your result, and it is possible to do if you can find it in your interest to go through such an extensive revision. Liposuction is probably not an answer, even without additional cost. Perhaps step back for a year of exercise and good living and then see what you think.

Best of luck,

Peter Johnson, MD

Revision tummy tuck works well.

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My impression is that you can definitely have a much flatter stomach with muscle repair and some liposuction.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Rare not to repair fascial laxity (muscle repair) when doing a tummy tuck after pregnancy.

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Pregnancy stretches the fascia (investing layer supporting the muscles) of the abdominal wall as well as the skin.  ometimes the fascia is spared buy in my experience this is rare.  The photos suggest you would benefit from fascia repair. 

Muscle repair with a tummy tuck

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From your photos, it does appear that a muscle repair/tightening of the muscles will make your abdomen flatter.

Muscle Plication during Tummy Tuck?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

Only your physician can explain why he felt muscle plication was not indicated in your case. In my practice, it is the very unusual patient that will not benefit from some muscle plication during tummy tuck surgery. This would certainly be the case for a patient who has had 3 children.

At this point, muscle plication can still be performed in your case.   This would require re-elevation of the abdominal wall flap. Whether or not you have your original plastic surgeon do this for you will be your call to make.  Frankly, your description of the events does raise some concerns/red flags.

Best wishes.

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