Can the Loose Skin on Lower Lids Be Corrected With Further Surgery? Will the Scar On My Upper Lid Disappear?

Thank you for replying to my questions re the loose lower lids. If it doesn't sort itself out naturally, can it be corrected successfully by further surgery? I also have a bit of a thickish scar on my upper lid, which again she says will disappear, however I'm not so sure, there were problems during surgery as I woke up in the middle and started to bleed a lot and they had to cauterise the area which is in the corner of my eye. all in all it's not been a good experience. 

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Eyelid skin redundancy versus skin quality

Sometimes there is really an excess of eyelid skin, and sometimes there is swelling, or sometimes it is just the quality of the skin that is poor. Excision or skin peel or laser resurfacing may be the answer. Or sometimes no surgery at all.

Without photos, it is impossible for us to give you a good evaluation on the concerns that are specific to you and your anatomy. Please post high quality photos of the eyes AND the face to give us a better perspective.

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Loose Lower Eyelid Skin

The eyelid is a delicate and dynamic structure.  Eyelids must have some redundancy of skin in order to open and close with normal eyelid blinking.  The thin eyelid skin will stretch over time causing wrinkles and redundancy.  There are several treatment options for excess skin or wrinkles in the lower eyelid.  Excess skin can often be improved with a pinch technique where a small amount of skin is removed just under the lower eyelashes while preserving the delicate muscle beneath the skin to maintain normal eyelid shape and function.  For wrinkles chemical peels or laser peels can be used to tight the skin envelop and smooth out these creases.  Which option is most appropriate for you can be determine by an examination with an Oculoplastic Specialist.


With respect to the upper eyelid scars it is important to note that all incisions leave scars.  Scars are just disorganized collagen that occurs at the site of a full thickness skin incision.  Fortunately the upper eyelid incisions can be hidden in the natural crease of the eyelid where they are generally not visible.  Some eyelids heal with only very fine incision lines which are almost imperceptible while others heal with thicker scars or visible white lines.  We use gentle Vitamin E massages over the incision lines for a few months after surgery to aid the incision in smoothing out.  If an eyelid incision should heal thick or bumpy a scar revision can be considered but should not be performed for at least 6 months after surgery.

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