Dr. Lobe Procedure?

What exactly is Dr. Lobe's Procedure to reduce Tear Through? One doctor proposed that I would benefit from this procedure. I have Tear Trough and I have eye implants that slightly fixed under eye depression. 

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Fat Transposition for Tear Troughs

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Fat transposition of the lower eyelid was originally described by Dr. Loeb in 1981 for treating tear troughs. Rather than removing fat from the lower eyelids, he was the first to describe sliding it or moving it over the lower eye socket rim to fill in the tear trough depression. As the tear trough problem has come front and center today, the concept of such fat transposition as taken on a new life and is now very popular. It can be done either through a transconjunctival or open lower eyelid approach. It now has a place in the realm of tear trough treatments which include injectable fillers, fat injections and tear trough/orbital rim implants.

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