No Results from Profractional Laser - Why?

Hello Dr. i am an indian lady with deep acne scars. i got profractional laser done so far 2 tratments with no result. the treatment followed with bleeding and swollen face. it was not easy to go through all that and still no improvement. the Dr. gave me no receipt for the treatment. please advice.

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Depends on what scars you have- laser is not always the more

The treatment of choice for acne scars depends on 3 factors only-
1. Your type of acne scar. For example if you have deep ice pick scars or deep box car scarring, using Profractional at a conservative setting won't do much, but using TCA CROSS will. You have to select a treatment for the scar, and that's the key.

2. Your skin type- give your skin type, treatments MUST be more conservative, namely less power with the laser, less over lap, less density, less heat. This is because excessive of everything can cause or prolong PIH- post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or darkening. Darker skin types = More treatments. 

3. Your downtime- this applies to lighter skin types. Generally the more energy placed in to the treatment, the longer the downtime, the better the result. This does not apply to you, but if full laser resurfacing was combined with fractional , the downtime will be more, but results are better. 

I hope this gives you an understanding into how Dermatologists treat acne scars. 


Dr Davin Lim 
Laser and Cosmetic Dermatologist

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