Will Any Dr in Houston Remove the Stitches from my Brizilian and Lipo Procedure?

I had lipo and a brazilian done in Tijuana. I was told that I would either have to fly back in 10 days or have a Dr in my area to remove the remaining stitches. I am trying to find a Dr who would be willing to remove the stitches.

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Most physicians will remove your sutures

It would be a good idea to have your stitches removed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, particularly one who performs the Brazilian butt lift or who uses butt implants. It's not unusual for patients who have but implants to need close follow-up because the implants may become displaced, infected, or your body may try to extrude the implant. The problem with having procedures done overseas is that if there are any postoperative concerns or complications, you either have to travel back overseas or find someone here to deal with them, which is more difficult. Also you may end up incurring more costs having revision work done here then you would've had the original procedure done here

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