Why Wouldn't Doctor Give a Kenalog Shot to Reduce Scar Tissue After Rhinoplasty?

What if your Dr. will not give you a kenalog shot to reduce scar tissue? Left side of my nose at the tip has fullness but the other side is all right. Noticed the left side was thicker than the other side from the first sugery he had done. Had to have another surgery because too much cartilage was added and he operated to remove excess cartialage. Left side still looks to full. Will shape of left side improve over time without getting a shot?

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Kenalog and Rhinoplasty

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As Dr. Fleming noted, it is probably best in this circumstance to listen to the advice of your Surgeon.  Kenalog is one of the tools in a Rhinoplasty Surgeon's armamentarium but it is not universally applicable.  It is sometimes appropriate to use it and sometimes not depending on the nature of the swelling, the type and extent of work done, etc. The only universal truths are that good judgment should be applied when using kenalog and that it is crucial to allow time to pass for swelling to recede and for your "result" to take shape.

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Kenalog after Rhinoplasty

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Many good surgeons have different opinions about the use of kenalog to reduce swelling after rhinoplasty. Listen to the physician you trusted to do your surgery. It is not surprising that you have more swelling on the left side, which was the problem area after the first surgery, requiring more work during the revision.

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