Why Cant Dr. Fix my Eyes? Had Three Surgeries Already. Is All Hope Lost? (photo)

is it a rare disease? my eye fell in a week of the first surgery. they "fixed it" and within a 2wk of the 2nd was asked "lol y did u get surgery your eye is still messed up" im so desperate i thought of stitching it myself! why wont it just stay up!??I seriously cant see well anymore. I got into two car accidents because i could not see the car on my left passing. Im also so so so beyond depressed with not being able to look at people without being made fun of. even my two yr old notice.

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Residual eyelid ptosis

You should obtain a thorough oculoplastic exam by an oculoplastic surgeon.  You have significant eyelid ptosis (droopy eyelid).  There are various causes and various treatment options, depending on the cause and severity of the ptosis and the function of the levator muscle which is responsible for lifting the eyelid.  In severe cases with very weak levator muscles, standard ptosis surgery, by tightening the levator muscle, will not suffice and the surgeon needs to perform frontalis sling, whereby the forehead muscle (frontalis) is linked to the eyelid to assist in lifting.  You should not loose hope as they are solutions available.  See an oculoplastic surgeon.

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Fix my eyes.

Better get into your doctor's office and also see an ophthalmologist for evaluation.  Do you have any underlying conditions?

Robert Shumway, MD
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Why Cant Dr. Fix my Eyes? Had Three Surgeries Already. Is All Hope Lost?

I agree with Dr. Harris. You really need to see an oculoplastic surgeon. Especially in the case of revision surgery you want an eye specialist to evaluate you and determine the best course of treatment. If you aren't seeing one now, you should. If you are, you might want to consider a second opinion with another oculoplastic surgeon, given your history. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Stephen Weber, MD, FACS
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Residual ptosis after eyelid surgery

A complete exam, possibly including a neuro-ophthalmic exam, may be prudent to rule out other causes of drooping eyelids, such as myasthenia gravis.  Seek out an oculoplastic surgeon in your area for advice.

Matheson A. Harris, MD
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Medical causes for droopy eyelid

If surgery has not helped your problem, there may be an underlying medical problem that is causing you to have recurrent droopy eyelid. An evaluation by a neuro-ophthalmologist or Oculoplastics surgeon is in order.

If you decide to explore this further, I would recommend consultation with an ASOPRS trained Oculoplastics surgeon. You can find one close to you on the ASOPRS dot org website.

A.J. Amadi, MD
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