Is Fraxel SR750 Better Than SR1500?

Had a consult with a Dr regarding acne scarring treatment - claims older generation better as it allows more flexibility in the treatment (more manual user input). The new machine (sr1500) limits the amount of control the dr has and many parameters are determined automatically. To what extent is this true ? and is the general consensus now that deeper treatment is better for acne scarring or is this still controversial?

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Fraxel For Acne Scars

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I understand the nature of your question. The choice of lasers really depends how well the different wavelengths will work with your individual skin type and condition as opposed to the technical capabilities. 750 is a shorter wavelength than 1500, for example. Fraxel has a relatively newer system called the Fraxel Dual which uses the 1550 nm wavelength that is safe for all skin colors. All these systems work by helping your skin create new collagen that overrides the thick collagen in your acne scars. Also, the results will depend on the skills and experience of the practitioner. 

"Deeper" treatments refers to how far the laser can reach into the dermal layer, where the collagen is produced. Longer wavelengths are able to reach into deeper skin layers to apply heat that causes the skin to create these new fibers. 

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Is Fraxel 750 better that Fraxel 1500

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The fraxel 750 is the earlier version of the fraxel 1500. You can certainly change parameters to best suit the patients needs on the 1500. There is now also a newer generation called fraxel dual which is a different wavelength of laser light. The are all fractional non-ablative lasers that are appropriate for improving fine lines, wrinkles, tone, texture and photodamage.

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