CCs for Brazilian Butt Lift. What Does It Mean?

I spoke with a Dr recently and he said he can extract 1000 cc's out of me. I was kind of confused what does Dr's usually mean by that when they give me this ball park figure. The Dr said he can take out 1000cc's will all of it be 100% fat. Or does he mean it will contain blood and other liquids within that 1000's before he purifies it, so 30% or 40% will be fat? This will give me better understanding of how much cc's of pure fat will be injected per cheek.

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How much fat are you getting

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You need to clarify this question with the surgeon who examined you. In my consultations, I usually estimate the amount of fat graft that I feel I will be able to harvest and inject. So in my practice a 1000cc would be the volume of fat without blood or serum.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Brazillian Butt-Lift is a

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The simple idea behind a Brazillian butt-lift is that we can harvest (or liposuction out) fat from the areas where you don't want it (typically love-handles, tummy), and process it and implant it into the buttocks.

The butt-lift works in two ways

1) First, by removing fat from love-handles, tummy, hips, etc, it can make the buttock contours look better by comparison.  Some patyients say it makes the butt "pop" visually.

2) We are taking the most stubborn fat out of you, the fat that doesn't respond well to exercise, and transplanting it into the butt to make it bigger.  It reconnects with blood supply in the fat and muscle layers of your buttock and can permanently enhance the contours.


Of the fat we aspirate or remove, some of it is blood and some of it is fluid and oil.  Those are typically discarded and only the purified fat is injected.  I often find somewhere between 300cc -- 600cc per buttock is the right amount to inject.

How much of the liposuctioned fat can be used for the Brazilian Butt Lift?

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It sounds to me like you do understand the basics. Yes, the fluid that is removed is called the "Aspirate". It contains blood, fat, oils and tumescent solution. Once this has been purified, only a portion of this volume is fat. The percentage that is harvested and injected varies from about 40% to about 60% of the aspirated volume, depending on the method of purifying the fat that is used.
Therefore, if he is only removing 1000cc's, once it is purified, you will only have about 400 to 500cc's to split between each cheek of your buttocks..... giving you 200-250cc's per side.

Daniel P. Markmann, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Brazilian Butt Lift

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Brazilian Butt lift is a big surgery. For you to come out of the consultation and not understand the basis of the surgery is not acceptable.

The questions you ask are valid and only the surgeon who examine you.

You need to have another consult with your plastic surgeon or see another plastic surgeon. All your questions should be answered before surgery.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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