Is There a Special Procedure to Have Multiple Moles Removed?

I need dozens of moles removed. In the past I have had injections to numb the area, but the injection are quite painful (especially on the face). Is there some type of "twilight" type procedure where they could do them all in one shot?

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Multiple moles removed

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Yes there is a oral sedation with Valium, intramuscular injections, I.V. sedation, Face Mask sedation + local. Discuss with the surgeon to selrect which makes you more comfortable.

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Express Concern To Physician

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  If a number of moles are grouped together, you might have the area numbed with a nerve block. Otherwise, there is no magic way to numb all your moles at once.

  Express your concern regarding pain to your physician. There are a number of remedies at our disposal. Anxiety drops the pain threshold. Thus, taking a drug such as Valium ( be sure you have someone to drive you home in this case), may ease the pain.

  Using a good topical anesthetic beforehand for 10-30 minutes is of great benefit. Most of us have found a standout pharmacy to compound this cream. In our office we  believe ours is the best and I am sure other contributors on this site would swear by theirs. 

Hopefully, your physician is buffering the anesthetic. Adjusting to your own body pH diminishes pain as does heating the anesthetic to body temperature. 

  Using a cooling device will also help make the procedure virtually painless.

  Finally, a kindly, reassuring medical assistance or nurse will make the procedure much less painful and stressful. A similar trait in your physician of course is invaluable. 


Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

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