Downsizing and Replacing 20 Year Old Breast Implants?

My Breast Implants are approximately 20yrs old and I would like to replace them with smaller ones. Would I need a Breast Lift in the process? If so, what would the all-in cost be in NYC for the replacement/lift. Thanks.

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Downsizing breast implants

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There are too many elements here to give you real pricing because you might need a lift depending on how lax your tissues are, where the nipples currently are, and how much smaller you go. Also, you didn't mention if your implants are above or below the muscle, have any capsular contracture, are gel or saline. If they are gel, they may well be ruptured and this requires more clean up than removing saline. If they are above the muscle with a capsular contracture, you would benefit from submuscular conversion.

So, I think you can see that regardless of what city you live in, there are too many variables here to give you pricing. You need to seek the opinions of several surgeons as to what you need. But be prepared in NYC to pay anywhere form $5,000 to $20,000 or more for this.

Downsizing and Replacing 20 Year Old Breast Implants

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It is certainly feasible to #downsize to smaller implants and also alter the positioning; if possible. However, decreasing is size may also require a Breast #Lift to to #tighten loose skin, better optimize the end result. Any #revision has risks of unhappy outcome or other complications. Also, the right implant for the revision is contingent on shape of body and your desired outcome.

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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May or may not need a lift

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This depends on how much smaller you'd like to go. Generally, if the implants are much smaller, then breast tissue wouldn't be able to snap back as easily and conform to the smaller implant. Sagging would result, making a breast lift necessary to achieve a perkier contour. However, you should see an experienced and board certified plastic surgeon for a better assessment of your concern. You may or may not need a lift. In Toronto, Ontario, a breast lift is about $9000-$10,000.

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Breast Implant replacement

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Hi, it's definitely possible to replace and downsize your implants. You may also need a breast lift to remove any sagging skin that remains after decreasing the size of the implants. Whether or not you will require a lift depends on the waulity of your skin and how much smaller you wish to go. Costs are variable in NYC, but I would expect to pay at least $10K for everything. Good luck. /nsn.

Breast implants can be replaced with smaller ones, but you may need a lift

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Hi Mauigirl8 - You will most likely need a lift in the process, but it's difficult to determine this without actually seeing you. A lift can be as simple as removing some skin from around the areola or as complex as an anchor-type incision with lifting of the areola and entire breast. Costs vary from surgeon to surgeon so check with several before making your final decision. Good luck!

If new implants are significantly smaller, breast lift most likely necessary

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The surgery that will give you the best result will depend on what size and type implants you currently have and how small you want to be. With a large change in implant volume, you would likely need a mastopexy as well, or you might have sagging of your breast tissue with an undesirable appearance of the breast tissue hanging off the implants. If you choose a minimal change in implant volume, you might be able to avoid a lift with the added scars and cost.

If your implants are silicone gel, then I have found that sometimes the implants may have had some degree of leakage which can cause capsules which tend to "hold up" or support the breasts. When the implants and capsules are removed, the breast can have more sagging than was originally suspected, and a lift is necessary. Please discuss all of the above with your board certified plastic surgeon.

Michael D. Yates, MD
Huntsville Plastic Surgeon

Downsizing Implants

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It really depends on many factors and without an exam or atleast some photos, it is impossible to tell you.

It depends how big the implants are and how much smaller you want to go, it depends on how droopy you are now.

So I would recommend seeing a board certified plastic surgeon to go over you options. It is very difficult to give a quote without an exam on redo surgery.

Farbod Esmailian, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Downsizing and need for a lift

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As previously stated this cannot be answered without an examination or at least photos and an examination. Downsizing from 500cc implants to 200cc are more likely to require a concurrrent lift when compared wtih downsizing from 275 to 200cc.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Implant replacement

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It is too difficult to give you a treatment plan without an accurate physical exam/assessment. Here are some of the questions that wil need to be answered:
  • Do you have breast ptosis?
  • Is there scar tissue around the implants?
  • Are implants ruptured?
  • What is the skin quality?
  • When was your last mammogram?
  • What type of implants will you prefer? saline vs silicone?
Based on these answers, a board certified plastic surgeon will develop a treatment plan. And this will also help determine the cost(s) associated with the procedure.

Replacing old implants and downsizing

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Firstly, you need to be examined by an american board of plastic surgery certified surgeon to see how droopy you are and any other issues your breasts present.

If you are very droopy or want to go a lot smaller you will most likely need some sort of a lift. you may need to have some extra scar tissue removed. portland/seattle prices would vary from about $6000 for an exchange to $9500 for a complete lift and exchange.

Make sure you choose an experienced ABPS surgeon, all of whom perform surgery in nationally accredited operating rooms.

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