Downsizing Implant from XL to M: Can Revision Be Done After 6 Wks?

I had an XL implant 6 wks ago. As swelling subsides, it's clearly too big for my liking. I understand that it takes at 3-6mths for swelling to fully subside and see the final result. But if I'm determined to downsize the implant, should I wait till the pocket is fully formed in 3 mths? Will the smaller implant 'swim' inside enlarged pocket if revision is done after 3 mths? Is it better to perform the revision now, so the pocket can form according to the size/shape of the smaller implant?

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Breast implants may be downsized at any time

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Breast implants can be downsized at any time.  The only reason to wait is if you are not absolutely sure the implants are too large.  If you have any doubt, you may find over time that you adjust to your new look.  However, if it is clear that the implants are bigger than you want, get them exchanged.  Doing this sooner rather than later may prevent your tissues from overstretching permanently.  There is no reason to wait if you are positive that this size is not the right one for you.

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Downsizing breast implants-how long to wait

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I would wait at least six months, not six weeks if you are planning to downsize your breast implants.  Allow time for the swelling to subside and allow yourself time to be absolutely sure that you want smaller implants. The scar tissue around the implant can mature and be ready for your new, smaller implant.

Be patient and discuss this in detail with your plastic surgeon before making any quick decisions.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno

William Bruno, MD
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Implant exchange

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I think that you should definitely wait for several reasons.  First, the pocket will conform to the new implant when ever you put it in.  Second, though you may be sure, why not wait and be certain that you are unhappy.  Last, you should always wait 3 - 6 months to allow the capsule to be mature, that will decrease your chance for infection.

Implant downsizing

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I am a little confused.  Are we all talking about breast implants (because I never heard of an XL implant) or chin implants which do come in various sizes?  Either way I would wait at least another 6 weeks before doing any surgery.  6 weeks is a bad time as there is still much tissue reaction.  At that time the pocket can be adjusted if need be to accommodate the smaller implant.  Good luck whether it is a breast or chin implant!

Breast implants

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The answer is yes.  I would recommend to do it sooner before the skin, covering the implant, stretches out too much.

Shahin Javaheri, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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While you can pretty much exchange implants at any time,  Ideally you want the swelling to subside and the tissue to heal so that it is easier to manipualte the tissues and the  pocket. I would wait 3 -6 months. 

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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