Downsizing from 400cc Mod+ to 150 Saline. Implanted for 10 Months No Lift Needed?

They're too big for me. don't want silicone for personal reasons. prior, small34b. I really explant but I am not mentally ready for that. I only have three options:Leave them in, explant, or downsize until imConfident to remove. I would like to be as close to my natural size.Maybe 150-175cc saline. The diameter is 13.1 and proj is 4.0. they are too wide, to much projection. A few surgeons said tke them out then reimplant but I can't do 2 surgeries. What about a capsullorhaphy

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Downsizing implants

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I would recommend you have your implants removed through a circumareola approach and at the same time have your remaining breast tissue elevated and excess skin resected.  This will bring you back to your original size (32 B) but your breasts may appear larger since they are higher on the chest wall.  You may be a candidate for a new procedure called The Mini Ultimate Breast Lift.

Best Wishes,

Gary Horndeski, M.D.

Downsizing breast implants

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I would add two comments to answers already given. 

If you have saline implants now you can remove them through a 2 cm incision in the inframammary crease (regardless of where they were put in) under local anesthesia, so you don't need a full scale surgery for that. 

The second is that you can decrease the projection of an implant (assuming it's not already a lowest profile type) but you can't predictably reduce the diameter of the implant. In other words, you can't just pick a size of implant to go smaller any more than you can just pick any size implant to go larger.

To decrease the diameter of the implant to the correct one to match the width of your breast you would need a rather complicated and expensive adjustment of your existing capsule and it would be simpler to start over with a properly sized and positioned implant after the existing implants were removed and the old capsule healed in. 

Scott L. Replogle, MD
Boulder Plastic Surgeon

Breast Implant Revision and Downsizing

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You are correct that you you have the three options you mentioned regarding breast implant revision and downsizing.  However, be aware that if you choose a significantly smaller implant or choose to have the implants removed this may contribute to further sagging of the breasts.  Discuss these issues with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area.  Best wishes.

Deflating saline implants can help you make decision regarding size

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Thank you for your question.  It seems you are juggling a lot of different ideas.  You stated that you want to be as close to your natural size as possible.  In that case, maybe you should reconsider taking the implants out.  Why are you having a surgery to reduce the size of the implants when you want to be your natural size?  Any implant, no matter how small, will make you bigger.  Unless I misunderstand the question.  You really need to meet face to face with your plastic surgeon and discuss your priorities and concerns.  One possible idea is this.  You could have the saline implants deflated in the office.  The doctor would give a little numbing medicine, put in a needle and aspirate out out the saline.  This will make you your natural size.  You can see how you feel.  Are you OK without any implants?  Also, you can now try on sizes in the office in a bra and see if really would like a 150cc implant.  Then you can move foward with surgery and either just remove the deflated implants or remove them and put in the smaller implants.  This option can really help women decide and it takes the pressure off of you a bit.  Capsulorraphy is done to repair the implant pocket.  Sometimes making a list of your goals helps you sort everything out.  Also, everyone please try to send us pictures with your questions.  It helps us provide better responses to your inquiries.  Hope this helps.

Tracy M. Pfeifer, MD, MS

You need to be seen first

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It is impossible to answer your questions without seeing you. You might be able to just downsize with no other surgery, but it is up to the operating surgeon to evaluate you.

Downsizing of Breast Implants Concerns…

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You ask excellent questions  that cannot be addressed precisely without viewing pictures,  physical examination and a full communication of your goals. The downsizing of breast implants  that you are planning is quite a significant downsizing. The question that will be answered after physical examination will be whether your  breast skin envelope will “bounce back” adequately. Sometimes, capsulorraphy can be used as a technique to decrease breast implant pocket-size  and allow for significant downsizing of breast implants.

 I would suggest in-person consultation with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons. Ask to see lots of examples of their work and communicate your goals clearly.

Best wishes.

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