Possible To Downsize Implants? Had Too Huge Implants Deflated Right After Surgery.

I'm 24yrs old, 5'4" and 98lbs - VERY petite looking. Went in asking for a "C" cup and ended up with 32DDD. Received 480CC saline breast implants, which I now know is HUGE. It's been 2 months. Had implants deflated in office last week and the results are horrific (they look lifeless!). I'm a very pretty girl but now I feel deformed and gross! Want 2nd surgery ASAP! What size will make me look normal again!? Was a perky 32 A/B before surgery. Also, having deflated plastic bags in chest = AWESOME.

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Dealing with too big breast implants

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Unfortunately this is a difficult and complex question and issue. In general if the breast shape is suitable and implants are sized properly by dimensions and projection options, the overall size increase can be judged, the breast (and skin and tissues) will accommodate the implant and look natural, and the patient should be pleased with the results rather than surprised and unhappy even though exact sizes cannot be determined. If the implants put in were like feet to big for a shoe, then all kinds of distortions and unexpected outcomes can occur and the capsule or space around the implant is too big and the tissues potentially stretched. In that case the implants should be removed and start over with a properly sized, positioned, and filled (saline) implant. If the implant fits the base width of the breast, is positioned properly,  and the problem is too much projection volume, then it can be exchanged for a lower profile implant with the same width and scale the size down. Given the result of the original surgery I doubt that the surgeon would understand how this works and a second opinion would be advisable. Another lesson to be learned by this is to use a 2 cm incision in the center of the inframammary crease (saline-filled implants) so that removing or replacing them in the future is relatively simple. 

Boulder Plastic Surgeon

Downsize implants

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Its a bit unusual to deflate implants in the office. I would discuss the matter with your doctor or /and seek a second opinion if appropriate.

Reducing Size of Too Large Implants

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Hi there-

I'm very sorry to hear about your poor experience. It is not possible to say too much about the importance of careful and objective evaluation of your goals and communication with an experienced and sensitive surgeon...

Improving your outcome should be very possible, but the details of how I would recommend proceeding towards your goal would be impossible to understand without examining you in person to assess your current situation (skin, tissue, muscle, goals, dimensions...).

Good luck!

Saline implant problems treated with fat

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Downsizing implants or even complete removal is possible with Exchange for your own fat. At 98 pounds, you may not have enough but you could Gain some weight. Best Regards, dr Del vecchio Bostonbreastcenter.com

Downsizing implants

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Without examining you it is very difficult for me to determine what is going on.  There are many unanswered questions.  Was your inframammary ccrease lowered?  Were the implants high profile or moderate profile plus type?  Were they over or under the muscle?  I know you are probably unable to answer these.  The only time I personally deflate implants is when I have a redo and I need to mark a patient for a lift and implant exchange.  I do that right before or the day before surgery.  I always try to match  the base diameter of the chest with the implant base diameter.  Based on your height and weight I would think a moderate profile plus Mentor or style 15 Allergan Natrelle around the 325 range would do well.  If the pocket is too big it may be necessary to close off the pocket with sutures or even Acellular dermal matrix (like Alloderm) to repair the pocket. Discuss this with your plastic surgeon and make a decision on how to proceed.  Good luck, Dr. Schuster from Boca Raaton, FL

Downsizing implants

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I too am sorry you were unhappy with the size of your implants to start with. I'm not sure how you decided on the size implants (480cc) but it is a bit tougher to downsize implants. Deflatng your implants may allow some contraction of your breast skin but dedending on the time they are deflated and the size you chose to downsize to, you may need some type of a skin tightening procedure. 

I wish you well.

Dr Edwards

Downsizing breast implants

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It is clear that the original surgeon did not listen carefully to what you were hoping for.  The implants chosen were far too big for you.  Communication has to be the most important part of the initial consultation.  If the Plastic Surgeon does not listen properly to you it may be time to get a second opinion.


Being younger I would believe that your skin probably hasn't stretched out too much by the larger implants.  Without a proper exam it would be impossible to suggest a replacement implant size, but wanting to be in a "C" cup range sounds appropriate.


You have many things to consider- saline vs. silicone, submammary vs. subpectoral, round vs. teardrop shaped implants.  Size also  becomes an issue.  Good luck.




Breasts after deflation

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WIthout an exam it is difficutl to offer suggestions about what would be the best for you. You need an in office consultation to evaluate your options.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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What size will make me look normal?

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The closest to "normal" is / was your appearance prior to augmentation. Just be conservative. Large implants in a pretty woman's chest draws attention away from facial beauty, and detracts from your allure. Not all surgeons or patients appreciate that phenomenon.

Steve Laverson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Too large implants deflated

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I am unsure why your surgeon deflated rather than removed your implants. They can be removed and replaced with smaller ones. I find it unwise for patients to request a certain size without discussion with their surgeon about their fit and use of sizing implants during a detailed preop consultation. Rest assured that this problem can be resolved. Best of luck!

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