5/2/13 had a Breast Lift with 250cc Implants,then downsized to 100cc, are my breasts recovering properly? (photos)

5/2/13 had a breast lift with 250cc. I wasn't happy with the result as it wasn't natural enough & way too big, so I downsized on 2/3/14 (13 weeks ago) to 100 cc - it included a revision to my lift, internal stitches to decrease my pocket. I'm getting increasingly concerned about the space between my breasts. As I heal, they seem to be growing further apart. Also, should I be concerned about my scars on my left breast? Pictures show current results and before any surgery vs first vs last. General thoughts?

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Good result so far after revisional breast implant surgery.

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From the photographs provided I don't see anything to worry about in this early stage of convalescence after the breast surgery.

Is it likely that the skin above the vertical aspect of my TT scar will flatten?

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The posted results are very acceptable and could NOT be improved upon in my over the internet opinion. Good Luck. 

Appearance of breast after revision

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Dear scorpio girl,

While it is difficult to comment on your post revision appearance because you are rotated in your most recent photo, you appear to have  a beautiful natural result.  Your scarring will improve over the next several weeks to months-so don't be too concerned that the scars are more prominent on one side.  The space between your breasts is natural and similar to space before your surgery.  It may look different  to you because the   swelling is  subsiding or because the implants are smaller, but it is not excessively wide.   Good Luck
Beverly Friedlander, MD

Beverly Friedlander, MD
Short Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Why is there a space between my augmented breasts?

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Patients requesting breast augmentation frequently seek cleavage or at least the possibility of cleavage when wearing a bra. Unfortunately it is not always possible, particularly when small implants are used (100cc implants are tiny!). If the breasts are widely spaced to begin with, the implants will come to lie directly under them and maintain the widely spaced appearance. To correct this, larger implants with a wide base width may be selected. Such implants also center themselves directly under the existing breasts, but their wide profile allows them to extend beyond the breast's normal footprint and produce cleavage. The down side of this is twofold: firstly the patient will have to accept implants larger than she would perhaps wish, and secondly the implants will also extend laterally into the armpit causing the breasts to brush against the patient's arms while walking. 

The scars from a breast lift usually pass around the nipple-areolar complex and then vertically down to the inframammary fold - as yours appear to do. At 2-3 months all scars are at their worst and you can expect them to improve by 6-12 months post-op. If one remains more conspicuous than the other, a scar revision is a simple procedure that can be carried out in the office AT THAT TIME.

J. Brian Boyd, MD
Rolling Hills Estates Plastic Surgeon
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