Downsize to Gummy's or Cohesive Gel?

I want to drastically downsize my 450cc HP silicone implants to btwn 150cc-225cc's 've heard that if your implants are larger than 350 (start 32A) that the skin is over stretched and the sooner you downsize the better. Is that true? Ive never had children and never been overweight; however, I am 39. Is it acceptable to allow a general surgeon to downsize round implant to accommodate shaped implant? Altho internal sutures are placed, is downsizing to shaped implant a good idea or stick w round?

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Downsizing Implants

First, ONLY allow a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in revisional breast surgery operate on you.  Secondly, I would recommend staying with a round implant in order to minimize the chance of a rotational deformity and to maintain as much upper pole fullness as possible.  Good Luck.

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