Looking for the best plastic surgeon for a rhinoplasty?

I am scheduled for surgery with a specific Beverly Hills surgeon. I read a few reviews that just scared me from going to him can anyone help me by guiding me to the right doctor ?

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Trust word of mouth referral

I would suggest to trust word of mouth referral.  Every doctor works hard to maintain their online reputations but competitors are available to post anything they want about any surgeons anytime and make it look like bad reviews.  Reviews alone should not sway you one way or another.  Trust the referrals, trust the work.  Make sure its a scarless rhinoplasty if its a primary cosmetic rhinoplasty you are getting. 

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Finding the right surgeon

Hello and thank you for your question. It is very important that you thoroughly research your surgeon before committing to surgery. It is a good idea to research your surgeon's educational background, online reviews, before & after pictures, and speak with anyone who you may know who has had surgery with that surgeon. During your consultation, make sure that you don't feel rushed and make sure that you have adequate time with your surgeon and not just their patient coordinator or nurses. If the majority of your consultation is spent with someone other than the surgeon, this is usually not a good sign. The most important aspect is to find a surgeon you are comfortable with. I recommend that you seek consultation with a qualified board-certified expert surgeon who can evaluate you in person.

Best wishes and good luck.

Richard G. Reish, M.D.
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Best rhinoplasty surgeon

You have to find a rhinoplasty surgeon who is attentive to your needs and who can best communicate to you the maneuvers involved to get you your desired results. Finally, you will want to make sure that your surgeon fits your budget. Please see results below.

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Best rhinoplasty surgeon?

The best rhinoplasty surgeon for you is the one whose noses u like best. Do not rely on imaging but rather results. 

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Best plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty

Surgery is a bit like artwork.  Many doctors have different approaches, a different aesthetic eye and different ways of dealing with patients.  There is no single best plastic surgeon for any procedure.

Once you have done your homework checking out training, hospital credentials, reviews, websites and have had an in person consultation, you should feel very comfortable with somebody before proceeding with surgery.  

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Looking for the best plastic surgeon for a rhinoplasty?

Finding "the best" plastic surgeon is a near impossible task.  Doing your homework however is a good idea as you have discovered based on a combination of recommendations, online ratings, board certification and personality of the surgeon and his/her compassion and interest in your case as well as a review of before-and-after photographs.  Take your time and do your research carefully since the best time to get a great and natural result is at the first surgery.  Best wishes,

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Best Plastic Surgeon fro Rhinoplasty

Reviews should be considered but that's just one parameter to consider when selection surgeons for a rhinoplasty consultation. Select a board certified surgeon who devotes most of their practice to this particular operation. Carefully look at results in other patients who had a nose like yours which is much more important than imaging; you want a good surgeon, not somebody who is skilled on a computer.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Looking for the best plastic surgeon for a rhinoplasty

There are many different ways to find the best plastic surgeon for a rhinoplasty procedure. Look at the  surgeon's board certification, ratings, reviews, and testimonials.  Study the doctor's before and after photo gallery which should be extensive. Look for a surgeon who has dedicated a significant component of their practice to the discipline of rhinoplasty, since it is one of the hardest operations to perform correctly in the entire field of cosmetic surgery. Digital computer imaging would also be helpful at the time the consultation and examination. The realself.com platform is an excellent way to find surgeons in your area to consult with.

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Thank you for your question and I would go on some complimentary consultations with experts in the area who will take your photo digitally and then alter it with your input so you can become informed about what is and what is not possible with your nose.  Then look at photos of similar patients, compare fees and find your surgeon

Dr Corbin

Frederic H. Corbin, MD
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How do I find the best rhinoplasty surgeon?

Experience really counts in rhinoplasty as well as an aesthetic sense. You should review the plastic surgeons before and after photos to make sure that they look natural and normal and be aware that you may not be able to achieve what you want for various reasons like thick skin. 

Edward J. Domanskis, MD
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