I just had revision surgery due to capsular contracture of both breasts. Now I have rippling beneath my breasts? (Photos)

I just had revisional breast surgery , due to the worst grade of capsulary contractures in both breasts .On sept.1st. 50cc's larger.Now I have rippling n pain in both breasts . says grade1&2 capsular .He put me on singular. Ispent over 12 grand on this revisional . Can you tell me what other options I have . If this medicine doesn't work ? FYI ; I have had Crohns and siebeties for over 10 yrs . If that helps you answer the question better .

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Capsular Contracture

In my experience, this early postoperatively, it would be quite rare for this to be capsular contracture. In our office, we have had good success treating early capsular contracture with acoustic sound wave therapy called Z – wave. Should recalcitrant capsular contracture reoccur then in my hands, a more definitive approach would be to replace part of the capsule with a large piece of Strattice. Best of luck.

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it appears you had not only a CapCon pre-op, it appears you had a double bubble or something else going on also(impossible to tell from photos). Although the recent post-op photo isn't great, it appears you look better than before. Would be very uncommon to reform a capsule so soon. Techniques for reducing cap con include sub muscular implant placement, textured implants, and use of ADM.

Recurrent encapsulation after revisionary breast surgery...

I am sorry to hear about the complications you have experienced. Capsular contraction can be a very frustrating complication for both patients and surgeons. In my practice, I have found the most success treating these difficult problems utilizing techniques such as sub muscular pocket conversion (if relevant), capsulectomy, use of fresh implants, and the use of acellular dermal matrix (especially for recurrence of encapsulation).  Acellular dermal matrix is a biologic implant that carries the ability to become integrated into native tissue. It is made by taking a full thickness section of skin from a donor source (his human, porcine, or bovine in origin).  

I hope this, and attach link ( demonstrating a case utilizing acellular dermal matrix) helps. 

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How to correct breast deformity and possible contracture after recent revisional breast surgery

Thanks for the recent question.  This is clearly too early to make a decision about how you may do as you progress after your recent surgery.  My best advice would be to follow carefully the recommendations of your Plastic Surgeon.  For the future if you had to unfortunately experience another revision, your Plastic Surgeon may want to consider a form stable, teardrop, true gummy bear style implant for revision that may possibly give you the least possibility for a capsular contraction.

Good luck to you.

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I just had revision surgery due to capsular contracture of both breasts. Now I have rippling beneath my breasts?

In this case ONY in person second opinions allow a determination if further surgical options are applicable.

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