Doubts About Neck Lift - Scars and Healing

I'm scheduled for a necklift & having doubts. I'm 45/W/F, w/a little lax skin in the throat area. I need an opinion. How bad are the scars? How long to heal? Will I look odd or uneven? I had an upper bleph & that was easy, but the necklift is scaring me & I don't know why. Maybe I'm afraid that a necklift will have to keep being redone as I age b/c I had the surgery (vs no surgery). A friend said "once you cut, you always have to cut."

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Necklift scars and healing

The incisions for a neck lift are composed of one incision in the submental crease that is approximately three-quarters of an inch long and two incisions behind the ears that are approximately one-half of an inch long. The neck lift tightens the platysmal muscle above the Adam’s apple and removes fat above and below the muscle. This gives a nice 90-degree angle contour to the neck. Excess skin cannot be addressed through a neck lift, it can be addressed only through a face/neck lift.  

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Scars & Healing with Neck Lift Plastic Surgery

Hi flower2010 in Maryland,

Neck lift incisions are placed in strategic locations to hide & camouflage the final results, to avoid visible scarring. All facial incisions for plastic surgery slowly improve and mature with time. Initially, face lift incisions will appear red and swollen. The incisions gradually become less noticeable with good postoperative care, such as avoiding the sun & smoking. Most face or neck lift healing occurs within the first couple months, but the incisions continue to improve up to a year. The facial incisions will never completely disappear if one looks closely, but should be less visible. 

Apprehension prior to any surgery is expected. However, speak to your neck lift plastic surgeon to help alleviate any concerns. Best of luck.

Dr. Chaboki

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Neck lift incisions and healing

The incision for a neck lift may be as simple as a 1 inch incision under the chin. If you are having a more comprehensive lift, there would also be incisions around the ears. I agree with you-I don't know why you are more scared about the neck scars than those from an upper lid blepharoplasty. As others have said, nervousness is normal. If you have serious doubts, I would encourage you to return to your plastic surgeon with a list of specific questions to be addressed. A neck lift, well performed, can last for many years so I would trust the experts over your friend's aphorism.

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Necklift Healing

It is perfectly normal to be a bit nervous before surgery!  Since you had a good experience with your previous operations, you should do fine.  Scars are usually well-hidden and easy to camouflage while healing - just look back at your other scars.  Rather than always needing additional surgery because you had a necklift, a procedure done early will allow you to look good for a longer time.  Of course, you may require additional procedures or touch-ups as time goes by, but not because of your necklift.  Be sure to discuss your fears and concerns with your doctor. 

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Necklift healing process

The procedure to remove excess neck skin is generally well accepted with minimal risks. That being said scarring around the ears can be significant if you are not a good healer. However, if you had your eyelids done and the scars are good and if you have any other incisions on you and they healed well, then you should have no healing issues with this procedure. Typically, the scars are around the ears and if you have hair coverage even poor scars can be well hidden. Necklifts typically last longer in younger patients than older ones so you should get more improvement. There are many good board certified facial plastic surgeons in Maryland.

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Doubts About Neck Lift - Scars and Healing

The excess skin is removed by a thin incision under the neck and stitched again. The scar won’t be visible since it is located under the chin and it is very thin.

The excess fat tissue is also removed with a special device called VASER which removes only the fat without harming any other tissue. This device allows the surgeon to remove more fat precisely and complete the surgery in a shorter

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Necklift scars

It is very important to consider scars and incision sites when thinking of a neck lift. Look very, very closely at before and after images including looking at closeup images of scars. Also look at the position of the ears and hairline. Scars should fade to being virtually imperceptible. Carefully check the credentials of your plastic surgeon., look at many, many photos and be certain your plastic surgeon understands your goals. 

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Neck Lift Scars and Healing

Thank you for your question.

In my experience most patients find recovery from a neck lift easier than recovery from a Blepharoplasty which you have already had.

The scars are typically well concealed under the chin and behind the ears.

Most patients feel tightness of the neck for about two weeks but pain is unusual.

The key is that you trust your surgeon. Express your concerns to him/her. Make certain your concerns are addressed and that you are comfortable before proceeding.

Neck Lift and Scarring?

Thank you for the question.

Given your concerns, it would be in your best interest to discuss these concerns with your plastic surgeon who can demonstrate the exact incision lines planned.  You may be able to view pictures or patients in person who have had the same procedure performed.

This source of information should be much more valuable than what you receive online or from your friend.

Best wishes.

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Neck Lift Scars

Typically speaking the scars from a neck lift heal very nicely, assuming you see a qualified Facial Plastic Surgeon.  If you are bothered by your appearance, if you have the indications for a Necklift, and if you have a Surgeon you trust, you are better following your own instincts than the "advice" of friends.

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