Double Vision in 1 Eye?

Hi, i had double eyelid surgery about 1month+ ago. And after visiting an optician to make my specs, i realized i had double vision in one eye. I believe that it's due to eyelid swelling in 1 eye. But its already been a month and more. Is it normal? The affected eye feels alot more sensitive if for example wind blows directly at my face. Could it be my cornea is affected?

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Monocular diplopia: double vision with one eye open

Probably the most common cause of monocular double vision is dry eye. When the corneal surface is dry, light entering the eye is partially scattered, sometimes causing formed second images or a halo around an object.  Eyelid surgery can increase dryness, although this is usually temporary. Have an examination with a ophthalmologist or oculoplastic surgeon. They should carefully check the cornea and apply fluorescein dye to assess for dryness changes.

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