Double Suture Method with Epi and Ptosis Repair - Painful

I just had the procedure done today. I don't know if this is normal but was given local anesthetic injections and it was the most painful thing I've ever experienced. Is this common? I wish i knew how painful it was. The pain was so excruciating because the anesthetic wore off. I felt everything. Also another concern of mine is that I cannot sleep now because I feel like sutures are poking my eye when I close them like the top corners. Will that go away? A bit worried and concerned. Thanks.

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Talk to your surgeon

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You should bring these concerns to your surgeon. The sensation of a foreign body in the eye is common after eyelid surgery however if you are in pain, you should have your doctor confirm that there isn't an actual foreign body such as a suture rubbing your eye.

Repair Work

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The best option is to call your surgeon now and ask those questions.  The lines of communication should always be open with your doctor!

Injections do hurt

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Yes, unfortunately the anesthetic does hurt when initially injected. Depending on what type is used, it can be short acting or longer acting.

As far as the sutures go, some absorbable sutures may irritate initially, but then soften and don't bother as much. I would discuss this with your surgeon, as only he/she knows where he placed the sutures.

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Seattle Oculoplastic Surgeon
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