Is It Possible to Have Double Jaw Surgery and Rhinoplasty Simotaneously?

i have a severe class 3 underbite and ive known that i would need surgery since i was 12 (now 18). I will be meeting my surgeon in may and was told by the orthodontist that i would most likely have surgery next summer. He said i would need both upper and lower jaws to be moved, upper forward and lower back. I also have a very big nose, i hate it so much that i cant stand looking at myself especially with an underbite. my nose is wide & bulbous. Can you have both done at the same time?

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Having double jaw surgery and rhinoplasty simultaneously not recommended

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Double jaw surgery is an intense surgery that should be done alone.  Double jaw surgery is performed as an inpatient with at least a night or two in the hospital.
Conversely, rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure that can be performed several months down the road after the patient has healed from double jaw surgery.

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Double Jaw Surgery and Rhinoplasty Simultaneously

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It is possible to have all this surgery at one time, but most surgeons would advise against it. it is best to have the rhinoplasty done after the jaw surgery. Be patient, the results will last the rest of your life.

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