Non Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

Yesterday when I went to my eyelid surgeon to consult upon performing a non incisional eyelid surgery. He said it is okay to do but he doesn't recommend it. I am scared to do the incisional surgery after looking at the videos and pictures online so I insisted that I want a non-incisional surgery! I couldn't find much about non-incisional eyelid surgery feedback on monolids, so is there any Doctors here whom can tell me if a mono lid can achieve a double eyelid with non-incisional eyelid surgery?

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Suture technique in Asian eyelid surgery

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good morning Natalie

you appear to be young with good skin tone which makes you pretty good candidate for suture technique. There's a lot of information about variation suture technique on the Internet. Asian eyelid surgery is about 90% of my practice and I can tell you that suture techniques no matter how they're described in the end are essentially the same from surgeon to surgeon. Your a good candidate for suture technique if you are 1. Young 2. Don't wear contacts 3. Don't have very heavy lids or large amount of fat content in your orbit 4. Don't have very thick skin.

Based on your photo you look like you're pretty good candidate. That being said I do tend to recommend incision method to my patients because it lasts longer. The pros of suture technique are that you tend to heal within 2 to 5 days. However if you get a bruise it can last over a week. Some surgeons advertise that can be done in literally minutes, and while this is true, be aware it still takes a lot of experience and expertise to place them properly and safely. The trade-off in this situation is that if the crease is not right you probably will have to revise it with an incision technique anyhow and it does not last as long as the incision technique. Both procedures are done under local anesthesia and the reality is is that even the incision technique and someone your age can have relatively short healing time.

Roughly a third or a quarter of the patients represented in the links or videos below were done with suture technique. I do like the suture technique but similar to your surgeon I tend to recommend a longer-lasting procedure. Incidentally the charge for suture technique versus incision technique in my office and in other reputable offices in North America range from $2400 up to $3000.

I hope that is helpful

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