Double Eyelid Surgery - Partial Incision - Will the Extra Fold and Indent Go Away on Their Own? (photo)

I am a 20 year old Asian female. I got partial incisional double eyelid surgery 6 weeks ago for a medium height, parallel crease. Will the indents and extra folds go away on their own? Would getting full incisional double eyelid surgery have prevented the extra folds? My left also feels heavier and tighter than my right eye. Is this normal? Will I need a revision? Will the crease height get smaller? I feel that it is too high.

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Asian Double Eyelid Surgery: May Need Some Patience

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I know you are anxious for results, but six weeks is a little too soon to evaluate the final results of your double eyelid surgery. I recommend waiting at least three months and maybe as long as six months before evaluating results. A qualified, facial plastic surgeon with expertise on Asian eyelid surgery would wait to consider revisions after six months, preferably one year.

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There Is Still Some Swelling Present..

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Your eyelids still appear swollen but without examining your eyelids it is difficult to tell what the final outcome will be.  How experienced was your surgeon?  Usually indentations and extra folds resolve when the swelling resolves. Full incisional surgery is not usually necessary unless there was excess skin, in my opinion.  It is normal for the left side to feel heavier and tighter.  I would not perform a revision until all the swelling went away.  As the swelling resolves, the crease height will become smaller.


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