Double Eyelid Surgery - How Long Does It Take for the Incision Line to Disappear?

I had the procedure done almost 5 months ago, and my eyelids still show the crease when I close it. The left eyelid's crease is more prominent. Is this normal?

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Eyelid crease still visible

I assume you had an incissional technique for your Double eyelid surgery? The crease line will often be red for up to a year, this is normal. With time the crease will fade but will always be slightly visible when your eyes are closed. This is to be expected.

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Eyelid surgery scars usually not noticeable.


Scars never completely disappear.  They should just not be noticeable in social settings. So you might be alright.  Also they will improve more over the next few months.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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