Double Eyelid Surgery Infection or Allergy?

One day my eyes started to feel really itchy, however it matched my skin colour. The next day, when I woke up my eyelids were all pick around it and still started to itch. Not only that but it was more swollen then usual. now im worried that it might be an infection..Its been three days since I got this pink stuff and it getting worst, its especially MORE swollen. What should I do about it? Is it an infection? Allergy? OR am I just overacting? is it all part of the healing process?

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Double eyelid surgery itchiness and swelling: infection or allergy

It is hard to say. The itchiness would suggest an allergic reaction. pain is usually associated with infections. I would consider benadryl and some topical treatments. A formal consultation with someone who specializes in this is recommended.

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