Double Eyelid Surgery - Fear of Tugging Sensation Post-op

2 of my friends got double eyelid surgery (anchor fixation) few years ago and she said may not be worth it because every time she looks up there is a strong tugging "up", even after a year (incisional method)...I was planning on getting this, but this is my only fear! (None of them had any other complications) Can anyone alleviate my fears on this? What can I tell my surgeon to not have that happen? (with incisonal)

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Tugging feeling after Asian Eyelid Surgery

I have not had that issue but it should be temporary.  If the surgeon takes too large a bit of the levator muscle with the suture when attaching it to the skin that could happen.  Ask your surgeon what he/she is suturing the underside of the skin to when closing the incision. 

Other than that you should be good to go.  These following sensations are more common:

1. Feeling of fullness of upper lid even though swelling is gone.  That's normal.  It's immature scar tissue the subsides and goes away about 3 to 4 weeks after surgery.

2. Dry eye.  Resolves over time.  Just use Artificial Tears.

3.  Prolonged, mild swelling.  Mild swelling lasting more than two weeks.  Usually not noticable to other people but it bothers the patient.  It goes away over a few weeks.


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