Double Eyelid Surgery Gone Bad? (not Sure)

I have single eyelids. But I put eyelid tape in them to create a double eyelid, and on the day of the consultation, I had the eyelid tape on. I took it off "during consultation". The problem was,when you just took off the tape, the eyelid will still have a little bit of a fold, which wears off. He would not believe I had no folds. He drew the markings and I had the surgery the same day. Was the procedure wrong because of it?will i have double lids?was the procedure supposed to be different?

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Artificial fold from using tapes should not influence the pre-op marking.

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Since the fold created by applying the skin tape is not a true double eyelid fold, the surgeon's pre-op marking should not be influenced. I would advise not to worry.  


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Wait and see the results

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There are non-surgical ways to make double eyelids one of those using a piece of tape. When the tape is removed, the eyelid folds appear again. It sounds like that you had the tape removed when you were examined and I am sure your surgeon did marking based on what was felt to be appropriate at the time. Since you did not mention how long ago your surgery was performed and if all the healing has taken place, one can not predict the eventual outcome.

I would recommend wait and see approach. I am sure, your surgeon will be willing to listen to your concerns and address as needed.

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