Double Eyelid Surgery x3 and Results are Asymmetrical

In two years this is now my third try to fix the double eyelid on my left eye. The last 2 times it dropped within 3 months. This time it is asymmetrical after one month already. The crease is not were it is supposed to be causing the skin to fold above the eye.The doctor used two yarns, to stabilize it more, one on the inside. The left eye has always been smaller. But what can I do? Do it a fourth time?

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Revision of double eyelid

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I am sorry that you have had difficulty achieving the result you wanted for your eyelids.  My first piece of advise is to allow your eyelid to completely heal before considering any more surgery.  There is only so much skin that can be removed from the eyelid and still allow you to completely close your eye without any side effects such as a dry eye.  Having three surgeries on the same lid within the span of two years seems rather extreme to me.  You did not indicate if the same surgeon has performed all three surgeries and I am going to assume that it is the same surgeon.  I would advise you to wait 6 months to a year before considering another revision.  Looking at your eyelid it appears to me that you have a condition known as "ptosis" which is a loss of muscle tone or tension that keeps the upper eyelid in the correct position and as you mention the eyelid "dropping" that may another indication that you do have this condition.  My advise is to seek the services of a board certified occuplastic surgeon when you are ready for the next revision.  An occuplastic surgeon is trained to correct conditions such as ptosis and can typically make an aesthetic correction as well.  

Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon

Asian eyelid

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Wait atleast 6 monthe then reevaluate and get a second opinion .....................................................

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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