Double Eyelid Crease Too High and Unnatural? (photo)

Hi, i did a double eyelid surgery on 1 oct 2012. It has been 13 months after the surgery, however the double eyelid crease is still very high and unnatural. May i know how long would it take for the eyelid to look natural? Is this the final result? Should i go for a revision to make the crease lower? My ideal crease is at least half the current height of the crease right now. Thank you.

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Crease height with Asian eyelid surgery

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Dearn Mangy81,


the date you provided is this here but I assume you meant 2011. If it has been 13 months I think that this is as low as it will get right now until you've aged some. I noticed a few things about your photograph. One of which is that your skin is medium to thick.  This makes for a thicker fold and higher crease if the planned incision was too high. If I had to guess I'd say your plan incision was beyond six or 7 mm from the eyelash line. This can be reversed and improved but would need a revision surgery. Unfortunately, I think this is the permanent result of your surgery but as you age the crease will decrease in height.

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